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Sync data to LaunchDarkly API using SQL.
No scripts needed.

Don’t waste your time building a custom integration to the LaunchDarkly API or uploading CSVs. Hightouch enables you to sync data from any data source to 100+ APIs using just SQL.

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Hightouch sync.

Create new user segments and add users to them when fresh data is added to your data warehouse

Update users to included, excluded, or custom rule user segments as data is updated in the warehouse

Trusted by teams at


Trusted by teams at

Activate your data in 3 easy steps

  1. 01

    Add your source and destination

    Connect to 15+ data sources, like Snowflake, and 100+ destinations, like Salesforce.

    Add your source and destination.
  2. 02

    Define your model

    Use SQL or select an existing dbt or Looker model.

    Define your model.
  3. 03

    Sync your data

    Define how fields from your model map to your destination, and start syncing.

    Sync your data.

Get data to LaunchDarkly better with Hightouch

LaunchDarkly is a SaaS platform for developers to manage feature flags. By keeping feature flags updated with targeting rules and lists of users from your warehouse, you can ensure that your project environments have all the correct feature flag targeting without waiting for data to be keyed in manually.

LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform that gives software companies more control over which features are visible to their end users. Feature flags help developers decouple code deployments from product launches, reducing risk for the business while empowering teams to experiment and innovate more quickly.

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Seamus McKinsey.
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Before Hightouch, our data was not up-to-date and not reliable. Now everyone trusts the data because everything is highly standardized and documented.

Seamus McKinsey

Seamus McKinsey

Sr. Analytics Engineer


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