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Sync data to Google Sheets - Service Account (Recommended) API using SQL. No scripts needed.

Don’t waste your time building a custom integration to the Google Sheets - Service Account (Recommended) API or uploading CSVs. Hightouch enables you to sync data from any data source to 200+ APIs using just SQL.

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Hightouch sync.
Google Sheets - Service Account (Recommended).

Ensure your spreadsheets are enriched and updated with the latest product and customer data

Empower your business teams to work in their environment with fresh data

Run analysis and models directly in the spreadsheet‍

Grant access to specific sheets via a Hightouch-generated service account

Trusted by leading companies to sync data securely at scale


Activate your data in 3 easy steps

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Improve your Google Sheets - Service Account (Recommended) data with Hightouch

Productivity tools use cases

This integration lets you automate workflows to streamline team collaboration and task execution. By automating workflows, team members can access all the necessary context and data they need to perform their tasks without waiting for manual data entry, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Team members can focus on more value-adding tasks, while the integration takes care of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Read our Google Sheets - Service Account (Recommended) documentation
Seamus McKinsey.
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Before Hightouch, our data was not up-to-date and not reliable. Now everyone trusts the data because everything is highly standardized and documented.

Seamus McKinsey

Seamus McKinsey

Sr. Analytics Engineer


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It takes less than 5 minutes to activate your data. Get started today.