Event: How Blend Eliminated Data Silos with dbt and Hightouch

  • Hear how Blend, a fintech company that helps banks process trillions of dollars in loans, built a modern data stack around their data warehouse to empower their Customer Success team

  • Sales data was stuck in Salesforce, and Blend's Success team was forced to context switch between tools. Learn how they cut down reporting time in half by using dbt Cloud to unify + model their data and Hightouch to sync those models to Slack, Asana and Salesforce.

  • Speakers include Wiliam Tsu (Customer Success Operations at Blend), Amy Chen (Solutions Architect at dbt Labs) and Pedram Navid (Head of Data at Hightouch)

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Join us on October 28th at 10am PT (1pm ET) for our virtual event.
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